Downsizing (2017)

A kindly occupational therapist undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time...
Downsizing (2017) Full stream Netflix HD Director: Alexander Payne
Line Producer: Per Henry Borch
Screenplay: Alexander Payne
Editor: Kevin Tent
Stars: Matt Damon (Paul Safranek), Christoph Waltz (Dusan Mirkovic), Hong Chau (Ngoc Lan Tran), Kristen Wiig (Audrey Safranek), Rolf Lassgård (Dr. Jorgen Asbjørnsen), Udo Kier (Joris Konrad), Ingjerd Egeberg (Anne-Helene Asbjørnsen), Jason Sudeikis (Dave Johnson),
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Production: Paramount Pictures
Subtitles: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Norsk, Polski, Swedish, Portuguese

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