Shogun’s Ninja (1980)

In the middle of the 16th century, Hideyoshi, a power hungry warlord sets out to destroy the Momochi clan. He sends his war commander in search of the clan's hidden gold only to find that two daggers are the key to the hiding place of the treasured gold. Spanning decades, the quest for the missing daggers takes Shiranui through war and ancient tradition...
Shogun’s Ninja (1980) Full stream Netflix HD Director: Norifumi Suzuki
Writer: Fumio Kônami
Stars: Hiroyuki Sanada (Momochi Takamaru), Sonny Chiba (Shiranui Shogen), Etsuko Shihomi (Ai-Lian), Yukio Ninagawa (Otsu), Isao Natsuyagi (Hattori Hanzo), Asao Koike (Toyotomi Hideyoshi), Makoto Satô (Junka no Yatoji), Fumio Watanabe (Tokugawa Ieyasu),
Country: Japan
Language: 日本語
Production: Toei Company
Subtitles: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Norsk, Polski, Swedish, Portuguese

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