The Film Critic (2013)

Tellez is a strict and prestigious film critic, totally weary of Hollywood romantic comedies and certain that the best of the seventh art died long time ago. Maybe because of its work, suffers from what he calls the ‘maladie du cinema’: He sees the world like if it was a big movie that, in addition, he cannot keep from criticizing. While searching for his new apartment, he unexpectedly meets Sofia, a young and attractive woman that has very little to do with his good taste. ‘Elemental, constructed on a basis of cliches’ he would describe her. Movements of random bring..
The Film Critic (2013) Full stream Netflix HD Director: Hernán Guerschuny
Writer: Hernán Guerschuny
Stars: Rafael Spregelburd (Víctor Tellez), Dolores Fonzi (Sofía), Blanca Lewin (Pinni), Ignacio Rogers (Arce), (), (), (), (),
Country: Argentina
Language: Español
Subtitles: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Norsk, Polski, Swedish, Portuguese

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